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Getting a college degree can be fun. However, most learners lead a troubled life because they cannot abide by school rules and regulations. Even worse, a significant number of trainees lack the commitment to pursue knowledge.

Moreover, the journey to excellence becomes treacherous. Students meant to graduate soon end up spending more years in school. They do so because of the following hardships.

  • Poor Time Management

It takes many sacrifices for you to succeed in school. Unfortunately, most college learners fail to pay dividends in their studies. They squander countless hours engaging in activities that will not improve their futures.

Even worse, the trainees rush through classroom assignments to save time for recreation. They fail beyond imagining, something that affects their futures significantly. Nonetheless, school becomes burdensome when that should not be the case.

  • Outstanding Payments

Most college learners thirst for academic success. Unfortunately, high tuition fees create a barrier between them and their goals. Even worse, the trainees cannot afford excellent food and accommodation.

They, therefore, secure quick cash loans from financial student organizations. Some even get part-time jobs to help solve the financial mess. Sadly, the stresses compound over the years leading to complete academic failure.

  • Anxiety And Depression

Mental health has become a growing concern in institutions of higher learning because of the rise in student suicide cases. In actuality, 41.6% of the student population in America suffers from anxiety. On the contrary, 36.4% of the trainees suffer from depression.

So, why have these two cases been sporadic, yet a college paper writing service can save the day? Poor teacher-student relationships and high examiner expectations are to blame for everything. Students no longer see teachers as a resource.

Instead, they view course instructors as tormentors. Recall, most teachers have built a reputation of bombarding trainees with coursework whenever they please. As a result, teachers have caused an anxiety and depression crisis in America.

  • Relationships

Boy-girl relationships are a godsend. They allow two people from diverse backgrounds to commune in love. Unfortunately, young love can become messy.

Remember, most trainees today engage in “multi-partner” relationships. Infidelity then causes a rift in a once-thriving union. A breakup then ensues, something that leads to mental instability.

The emotional and psychological pains become too much to bear. As a result, students affected by premature breakups get distracted from classwork. Productivity then declines to alarming levels causing the affected students to fail.

  • Choosing A Major

Attending college is part of growing up. Recall, it is through the university that you set in motion the wheels to your destiny. Unfortunately, choosing a major is hard.

Moreover, most learners get depressed when they cannot find a career path that suits their taste. Even worse, people meant to help them make wise decisions bombard them with all kinds of ideas, something that adds on to the confusion. In short, most trainees do not pursue their dreams.


Is higher learning worth the time and effort? Most students would disagree with you on that. Remember, they face untold pain and suffering in the learning sphere.

Even worse, these individuals suffer at the hands of their teachers. Remember, most instructors view trainees as their subjects. They, therefore, bully them with immense coursework and meaningless expectations.

The result is poor academic performance. To add on to the mess, students also suffer many financial constraints. They are unable to settle tuition, boarding, and food bills.

They then turn to manual labor to make ends meet. In brief, most college learners go through hell before graduating. Anyhow, the experiences mentioned earlier make life in school exciting and memorable.


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