IALEI Conference ‘Access Policy of Higher Education’ 31 Oct–2 Nov 2013

Welcome to the IALEI 2013 international Conference on ‘Acces to Higher Eduction’. The international collaboration centered on this issue will be very significant and will provide a platform of exchanging ideas, solving problems and sharing experience with the academia at home and abroad. Hosted by the Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, the conference takes place on 31 October – 2 November 2013. Visit the website http://ialei.bnu.edu.cn for further information.

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The International Alliance of Leading Education Institutes (IALEI) is the world’s first global think tank on education. Dean SHI Zhongying, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, holds the Chairmanship of IALEI.  
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IALEI aims to share and communicate knowledge on a wide range of educational matters. Each year we produce new insights and global policy recommendations on educational matters of high importance. Read about the themes, download reports and recommendations or watch some of the conference presentations.

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How do university schools of education address disadvantage? This publication shares how IALEI believe educational disadvantage could be targeted and addressed and why universities play a key role in this process.

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